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Mollahan’s Review


“My sister and I have decided you’d have been doing the world a disservice if you’d gone into a different line of work.” – Jamie Johnson, Elecia Johnson Palk

As a REALTOR®, Studio Artist and Designer since early 2000, my mission has been to inspire, brighten and enlighten by combining my love for the American home, family, and design. I offer unique expertise for real estate buying, selling and overall investing and have developed strong intuitive skills and long term experience for small and large scale design projects. I am a REALTOR® with the National Association of Realtors® and hold a Tennessee Real Estate License with the Tennessee Association of Realtors®. For the past 12 years, I served as an Affiliate Broker with F1RST REALTY COMPANY in Cookeville, Tennessee. In April of 2015, I joined Gaw-Bernhardt & Associates with my two business partners, Brenda Gaw, Owner/Broker/ REALTOR® and Jill Gaw Bernhardt, REALTOR® and Affiliate Broker. In addition, I own a small fine arts and interior decorating design business “Cabana Julz – Art. Inspired Spaces. Poetic Living.” www.cabanajulz.com

Hobbies include:
Watching Jacques-Yves Cousteau Oceanography, riding motorcycles, driving sports cars and speed boats, social adventures, city, island and world travel, marksmanship, yoga, Zumba®, Pound Fit®, expressive dance, studio painting, reading, decorating/designing, FASHION!, Pinterest®, Facebook® and other social networking, portrait and landscape photography, shopping with friends, substance abuse recovery & support, participating in various forms of sports such as golf, basketball, fresh and saltwater sport fishing, spiritual and theological studies, reading and being entertained by the performing arts, cinema and music. Favorite TV night of the year: The Oscars!


My grandfather, born and raised on a rural farm in Tennessee near the birth place of Sgt. Alvin C. York. Photo taken on his 88th birthday, Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015.


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